Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Mobile_12Have you ever visited your business website from your mobile device? Did it load fast or did it take a few minutes? Did you see all of the important information – such as your business contact phone number or address – as soon as the site loaded, or did you have to scroll all over the place just to find it?

If your viewing experience was not pleasurable, this is the same thing your prospects and customers are going through when they try to visit your website on their mobile devices.

What do they do when they run into websites that will not load or show important information on their mobile devices?  They leave and usually go to one of your direct competitor’s websites to get what they’re looking for.

Mobile devices do not have the same processing power as desktop PCs so traditional websites are not meant to be viewed on mobile devices. Mobile-friendly websites, on the other hand, are made specifically for viewing on mobile devices.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a “mobile” website serves a totally different purpose than traditional websites. So it is crucial that you understand your mobile audience’s intent when visiting your website.

People who are searching for businesses on their mobile devices while on the go are usually looking for specific information – usually your phone number, address, or directions. What type of information your mobile audience is likely to search for on their mobile devices? Whatever that is, make sure it comes up as soon as your website loads without a bunch of scrolling.

Otherwise, these prospects and customers will also leave your site in search of one that can give them the information they are searching.

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QR Code Marketing

13702115_sQR codes are becoming the new advertising means that marketers are using to create brand awareness and increase customers to their business. These are the black and white funny-looking squares showing up on newspapers, magazines and product labels all over the world.

One advantage is that they are cheap and their effectiveness can only be matched by a few other methods. QR codes are barcodes that are used to embed information that can be scanned using a Smartphone and lead the user to wherever the marketer wants them. This can be websites, social media pages, contact information, offers and promotions. Here are a few tips on how to maximize their exposure:

Be Creative
People are always interested in unique stuff. You can play around with your QR codes to attract extra attention. This can be done through color change or the inclusion of a logo or name in the Codes. QR codes have a 30% error correction therefore giving you enough room to go out of the ordinary and come up with a presentable code.

Be Aggressive
You should not only think about having QR codes in one place such as the newspaper. Use everything you can to increase the exposure of your codes. This includes T-shirts, which you can give out or sell at a low price, business cards, brochures, product labels, receipts, magazines, stickers, etc. You should not forget to include a display on the front window of pour physical store.

Be Persistent
When you start a marketing campaign, you need to be persistent and patient to get solid results. After creating your QR codes, do not relax hoping that people will see them on the paper, keep on inventing new ways to display the codes and encouraging your customers to spread flyers with the codes. Marketing is an unending process that never stops even when positive results are achieved.

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Mobi Tip – Create a Cohesive Brand Identity

mobitip67-150x150Make sure your company image or brand is consistent on and offline. This adds to your credibility and gives you a polished professional look that will inspire confidence to potential customers. This ranges from your website domain based email address to your color scheme and logo. This brand should make you memorable.

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How’s Your Self Confidence

confidence101-150x150Confidence lies on our perception of ourselves. The difference between being afraid to try and being confident in your abilities comes with our understanding and acceptance of the experiences we go through in life. Some people are just better at recognizing their abilities and achieving their goals than others.

Like being rich, we think that self-confidence is something that everyone has, except us. When in fact we were all created equal and have the power within us to achieve anything. Inequality just comes with our notions of what we already have and fail to recognize in a positive way.

To overcome a lack of confidence it’s important not to be too hard on yourself when thing don’t go as well as expected. Don’t deprive yourself from enjoying life. Take stock of yourself and refrain from making excuses as to why you can’t reach your goals. Instead change your mindset and think of all of the positive things in your life and how you achieved them.

Many of us find ourselves limited by our experiences. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t learn or grow from those experiences and change our perception of ourselves. We are all gifted with certain talents, skills and beauty within along with the power to use or disregard them. Once we recognize our potential, we will find that life has much more to offer than mediocrity.

Generally, self-confidence and the manner by which we improve it is achieved only when we dare to do things that are out of our comfort zones. We sometimes fail to recognize that simple things like reflecting on our achievements can help improve our level of confidence. Stepping outside of our comfort zones allows us to grow and succeed or not at the task our confidence is boosted.

We can build our self-confidence in a multitude of ways. Activities like developing your verbal skills through writing and public speaking will help increase your sense of self. Many of us have a fear of speaking in public. Once you take the steps to conquer this fear, you will discover that your confidence will increase and even more is possible. This hold true for any fear you may have. Once you make up your mind not to let it beat you a world of possibilities will open. It’s important not to be held captive by our fears as pushing through them build confidence.

By recognizing that life holds endless possibilities and you just have to be open to them, you can take control of your life. Be a strong and confident person capable of accomplishing anything.

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